Global Warming and Nuclear Power

 Because of Copenhagen I have been reading quite a on global warming lately. I have read a number of books by Lovelock , famous for his Gaia theory,and very recently I read Storms of Grandchildren by James Hansen.

The articles I am reading by  those concerned about global warming talk about getting the CO2 down but  concentrate on energy efficiency and alternative energy sources such as wind power etc.However, from what I have read these means are never going to provide quickly enough the large cuts that we need in the level of CO2.How  then are the energy supplies of the world going to be met quickly if coal fired power stations are phased out? In the articles I am reading no one seems to be dealing with this question adequately and no one seems to be mentioning nuclear energy. Why is this? Is it fears of a repetition of the saftey problems we have had in the past? It would appear that these fears could be misplaced.

Lovelock believes that the use of nuclear energy is essential for our survial .He also believes that it is safe  now.Hansen too supports the use of nuclear energy. As envisaged by him the use of 4th generation nuclear power plants would provide a limitless source of enegry and would even get rid of the existing problem we have of stored nuclear waste.

Lets have  some rational discussiopn on the the use of nuclear power as a solution to the problem of global warming. 



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