Going on with my plan

Cynically speaking, a definition for “blogging” could be the activities of a reporter’s “wannabe”. I don’t know what really is a good definition and I have never “blog” before, yet, because my plan is to try to use all the facilities ZCom offers us since it’s previous upgrade, in order to be able to compare how easier the use of them is in the new edition, I will assume the cynic definition may be correct and with that assumption I shall try my very first blog.

“News for today intended for Znet users”

1) http://ruby.zcommunication.org/znet link does not work for me, on my MSN browser, my query was answered as, not found, and in Google from the 41 or so addresses obtained, not even one suggests to an inexperienced Googler, were the Beta new ZCom page may be. Granted I did not try all of them, there were Ruby here, Ruby there, Znet these, Znet the other. Now, rather than waste the time of the overworked Znet staff, I have decided to wait.

2) Not expected and clearly undeserved, my last writing in My Zspace, received commentary from a quick “quill”, sharp mind and extensively informed Znet user , thank you Icannis. Please excuse me for picking into your answer to other users. I don’t doubt your sincerity, but guess what? I got a bit apprehensive after seeing your many skills, not because I am afraid of the creative criticism that your definitely used, but because next time you reed some of my writings, you may be disappointed.

By the way Icannis Alevizos, regards to your question about poetry and religion, the few poets I have really enjoyed, made me think that they are actual “visionaries” akin to prophets, not necessary touched by insanity or by God’s hand, but with special capacities to develop the neuronal connections necessary for an extraordinary consciousness. From having had those moments of pure joy, I am willing to believe that they might reveal the existence of a soul inside of me and of a collective spirit within society: were those Religious or Spiritual experiences? What do you think?

Maybe someone with more knowledge in science and theology would give you a better answer, but if you don‘t mind, please keep telling us more about creations from Pablo, Ruben, Julio and many others I am sure you have been reading.

3) Last night, awaiting for my eye surgery this AM, I look over the transcription of an interview with Manuel Zelaya by Amy Goodman, which was shown earlier the same day in what has become the favorite TV program for millions all over the world: “Democracy Now“. I was unable to think of Amy Goodman as doing what she criticizes the main media is consistently doing: taking sides, suppressing information and misinforming, rather I thought, her apparent “faults” were due to difficulties with simultaneous translation she had during the interview, the transcription in my appreciation though, made her look as a hypocrite. With millions, I have fallen in platonic love with Amy for her bravery, consistency and demonstrated commitment to her profession. So, getting courage from I don’t know where, I sent a commentary for her Znet publication. I don’t expect she will even look at it or do anything about, but for all her admires I want to say, my heart was on those paragraphs, mistaken as they might possible be.

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