Greece Occupations Nurses/Anarchists

Maria Callas mansion occupied by radicals, and Ministry of Health by nurses in Athens

The old mansion of the famous opera singer Maria Callas in down town Athens was occupied by anarchist and autonomous radicals.

On Thursday 19/3 morning, and despite the climate of repression prevailing in the Greek capital, anarchist and autonomous radicals occupied the 1600 square meters mansion of Maria Callas, at Patision street, opposite the Archaeological Museum of Athens. The house which had been abandoned after the 1999 earthquake belongs to NAT, the naval workers’ social security bureau. The radicals have announced a three day programme of public events in solidarity to K. Kouneva, and the imprisoned insurgents of December.

At the same time, nurses who are on a 48h strike across the country occupied the Ministry of Health and Social Solidarity demanding that 5,000 nurses are immediately employed as permanent workers, that nursing is included in the list of occupations receiving extra payment and social security as "unhygienic and burdensome", that nurses are immediately paid 176 euros entitled to every public worker, and 300 entitled to every administrative worker. When the public persecutor came to warn them to end their industrial action, the nurses refused to move and riot police surrounded the building forcing the nurses to evacuate.

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