Greek Anti-Junta Uprising – Nov. 14-17, 1973

"Shouting ‘Bread, education, freedom!’ thousands of students, many of them carrying clubs, surged through downtown Athens, where they started fires and tied up traffic. Some used appropriated buses as barricades, from which they peppered police with fruit and stones. In Constitution Square, students were met by a massive force of truncheon-swinging riot police and clouds of tear gas. In scenes that to some observers seemed like a re-enactment of the Costa-Gavras film Z, some police kicked and bludgeoned the demonstrators, while others fired machine guns into the air to scatter the student mobs."


Source: Time Magazine, Monday, Nov. 26, 1973




In commemoration of the Greek anti-junta uprising of November 14-17th 1973, I’ve collected archival print media news coverage of the event, all from the English language, covering the period of mid-to-late November of that year. Below the wikipedia entry for general back ground, are a few very interesting quotes I’ve pulled from the articles. They give us a window into the historical moment. Below that are many links to news print articles also from the same period of 1973, now online in PDF format. This is not analysis, just archival information. Demos are planned in Greece to coincide with the event, as happens every year. And this is before the one year anniversary demos to carry forward the grievances of the December 6th, 2008 uprising. Stay tuned…



Overview and Background: Wikipedia Entry on the 1973 Athens Polytechnic Uprising

Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Athens_Polytechnic_uprising



Quote: …several thousand students occupied the prestigious Polytechnic University. Barricaded inside, they chanted "Down with the junta," "Americans out," and "Death to Papadopoulos." They set up a radio transmitter. Despite government jamming efforts, they broadcast pleas to Athenians to launch a general strike and oust the government. One neophyte announcer, his voice shaking with emotion, shouted: "Tonight is our night! Don’t be afraid of police! The junta collapses tonight!"


Source: Time Magazine, Monday, Nov. 26, 1973




Quote: Student protestors created turmoil in three Greek cities yesterday as the Harvard-MIT Greek Students Association met in an emergency session to support the rebellious students’ demands.



Eighty Greek Harvard and MIT students meeting at MIT Thursday night drafted a message to the student protestors that said, "We have the same desires to see a free and creative education and a democratic Greece." The students in Greece received the Harvard-MIT statement yesterday via BBC and German radio.

Greek students from Yale and Princeton and Helicon Club have joined with the Harvard-MIT contingent in supporting the demonstrators.

Source: The Harvard Crimson – November 17, 1973




Quote: Greek soldiers detained scores of youths and workers in a soccer stadium yesterday following a confrontation between police and students that left 11 persons dead and at least 148 injured.


Source: The Harvard Crimson – November 20, 1973



Quote: The Government spokesman was at pains to explain how the Government had done its best to avoid violence, but claimed that the invasion of the Polytechnic was the only way to silence the pirate radio station since Government attempts to jam it had failed.

He insisted that the troops and police had entered peacefully, but one foreign correspondent asked how many of those injured had been by the bayonets he claimed the troops had on their rifles.

Source: The Guardian, Monday 19 November 1973



Many Links to archival print news PDF’s:
From mid to late November 1973, covering the events


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The Virgin Islands Daily News – Nov 20, 1973



Toledo Blade. – Nov 18, 1973



Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Nov 17, 1973



The Ledger – Nov 18, 1973



The Ledger – Nov 25, 1973



St. Petersburg Times – Nov 17, 1973



St. Petersburg Times – Nov 18, 1973



Ellensburg Daily Record – Nov 16, 1973



The Bryan Times – Nov 17, 1973



Eugene Register-Guard – Nov 18, 1973



Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – Nov 28, 1973



The Free-Lance Star – Nov 15, 1973



The Free-Lance Star – Nov 17, 1973



The Free-Lance Star – Nov 20, 1973



Boca Raton News – Nov 18, 1973



Rome News-Tribune – Nov 18, 1973



The Age – Nov 21, 1973


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