Hi Justin

HI Justin, Thanks for your reply. Even when there has been agreement, as there has been by many countries, that the ICC should have power and that much of the law relating to War Crimes can be devolved to national law. Implementation occurrs when the offender is from somewhere that can be bullied by the big boys or when it is in the interests of those people. A similar problem will exist for Parecon should it gain popular support, for it too targets the unfair distribution of goods.

We seem as people to be happy, in the main, with National laws. It is a newspaper headline when a general concern is targetted for legal correction, even when the poposers may have other agendas and be far from informed. for emotive issues sex and death. Sometimes when it is to a politicans advantage to push the issue, such may progress beyond the media. Thus murder or sexual abuse become fashionable topics. Yet Murder Iraq is and many opposed the venture. That is opposed the idea on moral grounds not opposed America. Does the parallel also apply to international crime?  If so does this mean that any instinct for international legal correction is moribund? Even though ignored the instinct for moral behaviour on the world stage existed even though ignored. Is it all then a question of power? xxxx will be prosecuted, as was Pinochet when it is in the interests of someone and those intertests are taken up by the media? Since the media was instrumental in getting us into Iraq, they failed in their job remaining psychophants to government rather than informing the electorate, should we direct anger at them as a first step? "Get Up" a grass roots organisation in Australia that has propagandised for change and may have had some effect, for they gathered wide support. The way to go? The hideously boring and energy consuming effort trying to make people abide by what they espouse?

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