High Times in Fascist Israel

I usually try to curb my name calling (hey, I try), but I think that if the swastika fits-wear it. Israel Beytenu, Avigdor Lieberman’s party, has decided to pull up its sleeves and get to work on Jewdizing and Zionizing Israel.

Outlawing the Nakba
Apparently the marking of the Nakba was a little too loud, this year, and lawmaker Alex Miller of Israel Beytenu would like to make it go away. Yesterday, the parliament OKed the proposal for a law "Banning of marking Independence Day as a day of mourning" (limited by my translation):

"The law prohibits events or public activities that refers to the declaration of Israel as a catastrophe, and determines up to 3 years incarceration to anyone violating the law."

Justifying the law, the Channel 10 site added (after peppering with a few suggestive quotes from Islamic leaders):

"Lawmaker Miller suggested the proposal for a law in 2008, following the violent events that occurred during "Nakba Day" [those goddamn quotes again!]. Miller said then: "There is no state in the world which would allow violent protests against its existence, and in it’s sovereign territories, no less. The silence of the state on this issue is unacceptable and as a lawmaker I must do all I can to stop these criminal celebrations. One who wants to protest on this day, is respectfully invited to do so, deep in the heart of Gaza city.""

Once again, let’s tackle all these wrongs one by one:

  1. I actually don’t remember any violent events on Nakba Day, but feel free to fill me in, if you got the links to prove it.
  2. If one of these Zionists would actually listen, they’d find out that a) protests aren’t violent and b) no one wants to wipe his paranoid ass off the map.
  3. I don’t think that there’s any other state in the world that has sovereign territories and non-sovereign territories.
  4. Once again, you annoying, careless Zionist: Nakba isn’t celebrated- it is mourned.
  5. Not so fast parliament member, the "celebrations" aren’t criminal yet.
  6. Now that wasn’t very respectful, was it KM miller? (does it sound familiar? And may I remind the honorable MK that I may not respectfully go to Gaza, as I am under martial law?)
  7. And a slap on the wrist to Channel 10 for publishing such hate speech in the guise of plausible cause to pass a completely fascist, racist and undemocratic law.

Citizenship Law
Finally, Lieberman’s threats are taking form. On the coming Sunday the law proposal for "Citizenship Law" will be submitted by Israel Beytenu’s Dudu Rottem. Ironically enough, Rottem is also the chairman of the Committee of Constitution, Law and Trial- this is my expert on constitutions, which Israel doesn’t have (ugh… my head hurts). The law goes as follows (limited by my translation):

"… the condition of being granted citizenship will be a declaration of loyalty, in the following wording: "I promise to be loyal to the state of Israel as a Jewish state, Zionist and democratic, to its symbols and values, and to serve the state, as much as is demanded of me, in military service or alternative service, as will be determined in the law."

The law proposal asks that the Minister of Interior will be allowed to cancel the Israeli citizenship of a person that hasn’t performed his obligation of military service or alternative service."

Boy, am I glad the Pols gave me the right of return! I don’t think I’ll be a citizen of Israel for long. But on the bright side, both myself and KM Miller will get what we want- me in Gaza. I think Kennedy was wrong, not only should you ask what your country can do for you, but you should demand it! (Especially when the president is ill-informed enough to confuse the words "state" and "country".) Here’s some more shocking (yet not surprising) information on this law:

"In the explanation to the proposal it is written, among other things, as follows: "In recent years it has been revealed that the citizens in Israel aren’t loyal to the state, to it’s symbols and its values, and they are evading military service or national service. This law proposal is to to tie loyalty to the state, its symbols and values, and military service or national service to Israeli citizenship."

So they want to tie me down, those filthy, kinky rats in my government (and all actual rats must pardon me for this analogy). This is my country. Have I mentioned Germany yet? Do I sound a bit unsettled? Fuck my government.

Arabs aren’t Good for Business

Just so no one deludes themselves that this is a rogue party, that has no grasp of reality and is detached from its people, here’s a story that was aired just this week:


Update 27/05/09:

And here’s the latest draconian proposal passed by my beloved big brother (limited by my translation):


“The Kneset has passed the law proposal that rules one year in prison to anyone that publishes a rejection of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state, if by the content of the publication there is a probability that “will bring to the perpetrating of a hateful, scornful or disloyal deed, towards the state, it’s authorities, or its courts, that have been erected lawfully”.”


Do you think they have internet access in the big house?

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