I Get an E-Mail From Karl Marx


I regularly (despite my best efforts at blocking) receive scam-spam from people claiming to be in Africa and to have some way for me to get rich if I only just provide some of my detailed personal information (social security number, passports,  bank account numbers, credit card numbers…stuff like that) to them.  

But this is the first time I’ve heard from an African scammer claiming to be named Karl Marx.

This Karl Marx (the "head of records" at the "African Development Bank") is looking to handle a recent windfall of surplus German capital.  He is reaching out to me from the periphery ot the world capitalist system to help him and his colleagues in the process of counter-cyclical absorption.   I think he is emblematic of late capitalism’s retreat from expanded (surprlus value) reproduction and its increasing reversion to primitive-accumulationist expropriation and theft.

Here is an e-mail I just received from Marx:

Greetings My Dear Trusted Friend,

I am Mr Karl Marx, Head of Files/Records Department in the African Development Bank, Cotonou, Benin Republic in West Africa.

Going through the files and records in my department I observed an abandoned sum of 12.500.000.00 (Twelve million Five Hundred Thousand United States Dollars) belonging to a German business magnate and property consultant, Late Andreas Schranner. The late Mr Schranner died in a plane crash on Monday, 31st July, 2000 alongside his family members. The BBC website:


I also observed that since his sudden death the bank has made frantic efforts to locate his relations, but all attempts failed. To avoid the board of directors taking advantage of the funds, my collegues and I conceived the idea of contacting you, based on the good recommendation given to me by a friend who works with the chamber of commerce and industries here.

We need your unflinching support and cooperation to have the funds transferred to your nominated bank account. The money will be shared on a ratio of 20% to you and the rest for my colleagues and I. Having done a thorough feasibility study on how to perfect the transfer of the funds to your bank account, your role shall be to send an
application for claim of the funds to the bank as a next of kin or business partner to the late Andreas Schranner. I also would require The Following :

1. Contact address,
2. Telephone Number
3. Copy of your Passport

Please, rest assured that the business is 100% risk free.

I look forward to receiving your urgent response.

Best wishes,

Mr Karl Marx
Head of Files/Records
African Development Bank
TELEPHONE: 00229 97 65 8748

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