I refuse to serve the IDF, the Zionists and their murderous policies

Following is a translation of my refusal letter to the IDF, which, regrettingly comes after I commited some most terrible murderous acts. These acts will be detailed in later posts.

To: The IDF and it’s representatives,

Subject: Refusal to serve in the IDF

IDF hello,

After a long and detailed research into the historical facts regarding the conflict in our region as well as  general moral studies, I have reached the conclusion that the Israeli military activity is not, and never was, a defensive one.

The IDF serves a Zionist agenda, which is aggressive,  racicst and murderous at its very core.

From the moral aspect, murder is the most vile of acts, and it is never justified.

Due to that, and in accordance with the stated above, I will not take any part, active nor passive in these ideological murders orderd by the Zionist Occupation Regime, and commited by its agents, the IDF, it’s commanders and soldiers.

Thanks and have a nice day,

Exx Mxxxxxx



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