Initiate Revolt in Nepal: Badal

Intl. Atmosphere Conducive to Initiate Revolt in Nepal: Badal

Mr. Badal who is considered close to Mr. Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran, a hardliner in the party, has been toeing a middle path demanding both Dahal and Baidya to exhibit restraint. Badal also said that the time was opportune to initiate yet another revolt. “Local and international atmosphere have become conducive to initiate a revolt in Nepal”, Badal is quoted as saying. Mr. Badal also urged Party Chairman Dahal to collect views from the party leadership and effect necessary changes in his proposal submitted at the PB meeting some days back. Dahal’s proposal favors peaceful path to pressurize President Dr. Ram Baran Yadav and also for the formation of the Maoists’ led government, whereas Baidya sees the need for a revolt to form the next government under Maoists’ command. since India was behind the fall of the erstwhile Maoists’ led government, the party should make special moves to unite the Nationalists scattered in various groups and form a National Government. … go to complete original article

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