Iran’s cultural situation


I am living in a country in which you have to accept so many unintelligible commands,directions,formulas and for having  privacy in your life, you were induced forgetting youre humanity ; where is here , it is not familiar for me, I am/was a philosophy educated , forgive me I have forgotten who am I ? Fie upon a people that for them evil – not necessary in its  religious meaning – like crime,felony,altogether wipe and … is something natural, to reading some books both fiction and non-fiction is a bad  and criminal work , I was a lecturer at Tehran university in the departmenr of philosophy , my lecture was on history of philosophy , exactly history of ancient greek philosophy : Presocratians. One of the students stands up without any permission and told me : " Oy… among these blasphemous story , you do not want to speaking about Adam and Eve which where was their home in that time… ?!

There are three main point in this country which will destroy the society :

1. Narcotic drugs 2. Peculation  and Spoliation in in its wide mesure 3.Tendency to self destruction in other word self-destructiveness amongst the people. They are always waiting for a saver… in our country the average of working in 8 hours per a day is 9 minute. One president in all of the world has a private domain in which he /she has his/her own power , in Iran in spite of power says ‘ Responsibility ‘ , now I do not want to discuss on such an irrelevant term, well , the most famous motto of the chairmen of this country is " we are your servant " . I want to know who is our servitorest ? President ? Parliement ? Leader-the great ? Security Administor ? Who …? From the cultural point of view we are in darkest  situation which one can conceive it. Translations are …how can I describe ? and acually we have not a book which was written , a creative like a collection of poems. There are many publishers that publishes  a collected poems in 1000 or 1500 version . But our poet does not know what is the rythm , rhyme … . In this country we have no a civil society , a civil religion , a known group of civilised people , like a party , a political party at first must be civilised otherwise it is meaningless. Yes nowhere is here , a kind of Utopia !That was not a serious article but a sort of written chat for my friends.

Thanks a lot  

 Dr. Amir Hossein Randjbar

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