IRPS: Its Procedures and it Relationship to IOPS

 Here are some basic questions about the IRPS group that I’m not sure about -

  • How does the IRPS group function? 
  • What are the procedures that IRPS members follow to produce a collective work?

I’m also interested in the relationship between IRPS and IOPS.  It seems to me that the objectives of the IRPS group could become part of the activities of IOPS.  What I mean is that IRPS could become a kind of project inside IOPS dealing with intellectual / theoretical aspects of organising. 
My feeling is that this could address two possible issues that we face now -

  1. It would generate some life into the IOPS group.
  2. It would ground the work produced by the IRPS group in an organising context. 

I think that if we could clarify the procedure for collectively producing work in the IRPS group and establish a formal relationship between IRPS and IOPS then both groups would benefit. 
Any thoughts???

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