Is ACORN A Fraud?

Is ACORN A Fraud?


I strongly suggest others to read their response to the charge.

There is no voting fraud when there is no vote.

This is what happened.

ACORN has been focusing on voter registration among the indigent and people of color.

They have helped register a lot of people.

To do so they hired temporary workers to process the requests. Thousands.

Some have created bogus forms to keep their paychecks coming.

This is the "fraud."

But this doesnt translate into voting fraud because:

  1. The registrations were not completed. I will come back to why this is in just a second.
  2. Two even if they were these bogus forms would have to be tied to people with forms of identity connecting them to the voter registration card. So unless Mickey Mouse is real and unless teenagers have fake ID’s saying they are over 18 then it is not likely they will actually vote.

Here is an interesting thing for folks to know.

ACORN is doing a voters registration drive.

This is obvious.

But they dont actually set up the voter registration cards.

They just help get the appropriate forms filled out and then submit them to the proper authorities for review and process.

But before they do ACORN looks for bogus forms, flags them and forwards them to the authorities as such.

In other words, ACORN has been the primary source of uncovering these bogus forms.

They have provided an apt analogy.

Every department store has workers who shoplift from them.

Those stores are no more responsible for "consumer fraud" than ACORN is responsible for "voters fraud" when lazy employees try to cheat the system.

What is worth pointing out AGAIN is that despite their lazy efforts, their bogus forms are not translating into actual votes.

The real victim is ACORN, not Mickey Mouse…

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