Is Anyone on ZBlogs?

Hey, this is not really a post. I am just wondering: how come so few people comment on posts at ZBlogs? Usually it’s only about every fourth post or less that people comment on. Whereas at other blogs typically you have many comments on a substantive post. And it can’t just simply be that there are less contributors: people are here writing their own posts.

What do the administrators see as the purpose of this blog? ZNet is one of the best sites politically on the internet that I know of, but it’s hard to find motivation to post blog entry after blog entry here when there appears to be almost no one reading them.

I think the administrators should try to make the blog more readable. My advice: put more than ten blog entries on the blog page, and instead of automatically showing what is in the "description" box on the blog page, make the default behavior to list the first paragraph or two of the blog post on the main page. That way there will be more text to get people interested in the post. (You could still have the description box as an option if people wanted a different description than the first few paragraphs.)

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