Islamic Republic: a Contradictory Term

                                            Islamic Republic A Contradictory Term

Islam as a religion is an idealogy , and idealogy in-it-self and in its wide meaning has  three characteristics : 1. Timelessness , 2. Validity , 3.Totality ; but no one of these features cannot be adapted with Republic . Republic from Plato’s era untill now , in spite of those negative reviews which were written on that treatise not only during such a long history modified its weaknesses , bit by bit of course , but also even at that time Plato wrote it as a Utopia , a country which governed by – in Plato’s word " One "  or some scholars who look at everything with their wide vision ; Republic is a collection of ideas and in this way cannot be limited by an idealogy , in other word Republic originally cannot be formed by idealogy at all ; its understanding may not so hard , you see Islam is a religion with its all religious jurisprudence and laws that are subjrcted to that religion namely Islam . But Republic is a political form which its movement is inevitably progressive with exact attention to Time , Republic validity depends on people directl, and finally in this form of political sovereignty there is no totality at all . Therefore from the logical-philosophical point of view Islamic Republic is a contradictory term . Islam in political action has its own laws which were very abstractive and far from reality,while Republic has its laws which ususlly adapted with  our nowaday life . In Republic you have right to protest , but in an Islamic government every protest is equal with war with God’s instructions , Islamic government is an objective kind of theocracy in our time . As the last word of this very short not I have to write that Islam may not accept Republic as we can see here everyday ,and on the other hand Republic cannot adapted with an idealogy specially Islam . In this country what is occurred everyday is simply Islamic in action , when this religion has to govern, and on the other hand such a government has one,two,three,…n million light years distance with Republic . Yes Republic , the most important humanistic achievement for our fellowmen…


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