Israel’s Claim to Humanitarianism

Israel’s constant rhetoric about precise bombings and minimizing casualties are the absurdities of this war… when you’re not an Israeli citizen.

Today’s spin included the saving of a lamb (not kidding!) and the 8:00 news announcing "the Hamas shoots, too", because we had a critically wounded civilian from a Grad bomb. (In context, you’re suppose to fill in the blank: "we’re not the only ones who shoot".)The pinnacle was showing the terrible pictures from Sderot, of panicking children. But you know me- I always look on the bright side: at least they’re not dead.

Here’s another spin, made by the IDF and the mainstream media: We are so humane that before we go for the air-strike in a new area, we drop leaflets from the sky, to make sure people evacuate.

This happened maybe a week ago, but I just got a letter from the Free Gaza Movement that let all us subscribers know exactly what the leaflets say:

"To all the people living in this area. Due to the terrorist acts that the terrorists in your area attacking Israel, the Israeli Defense Forces were forced to take immediate action in your area. We thus urge you, for your own safety, to immediately evacuate the area. Israeli Defense Forces"

and this is a second set of leaflets: 

"Citizens of Gaza, take responsibility for your destiny! In Gaza the terrorists and those who launch rockets against Israel represent a threat to your lives and to those of your families. If you wish to help your families and brothers in Gaza, all you will have to do is call the number below and give us information on the whereabouts of those responsible for launching rockets and on the terrorist militia who turn you into the first victims of their actions. Avoiding more atrocities being committed is now your responsibility! Don’t hesitate! Complete discretion is guaranteed. You can contact us at the following number: 02-5839749. Otherwise write to us at the following email to give us any information you may have on terrorist activities: [email protected]"

I don’t know if the person who wrote this was stupid or cynical, I’ll go for the latter, and being an artist (who obviously didn’t major in design), I’d like to express myself:

The above sticker sketches can be found in my photo gallery, My Cultural Activism. And in that same note, check out my freshly posted poem, An Ode to My Government.


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