It’s this simple

It just doesn’t work.

We worked our way out of the pool of amino-acids, fought our way across billions of years of evolution, saw off all manner of cataclysm which could have confined our fragile existance as a species to a few bones found by the descendents of ants and … we still can’t feed ourselves, we still can’t live next to one another without acting like children on the playground, we still grab our toys, and the toys of the kids next to us because hell, we might not need it but we know they want it so we’re sure not going to share….

And everything about how we design our systems of economics, politics, government, commerce, culture, all supports the behaviour of a species that’s 6 billion years in the making but 6 years old in its outlook. Instead of reaching out and making sure that our fellow human beings can live in material dignity, with justice and freedom, we consign them to poverty and ignorance. Instead of celebrating our humanity, we focus on what makes us different as a threat, a flaw. We have gone from a tradition of oral storytelling to reality TV.

Of course, there is no greater time to be alive for most than now. I look back at most of history and think "OK, it would have been great to be there (if I happened to be the right race, social class and country of course)". We have achieved so much (if you happen to be the right race, social class and country) in terms of health, communications, education, women’s rights, gay equality… But what if we just said "Hey, it’s been fun, but lets just close down the stock market tomorrow, and go make sure that shanty towns are replaced with real housing", or "Crap, we just need to decide that all the tigers that are left deserve protection because our children’s children will look back and say ‘how could they have let this happen’".

We make the things that happen happen, but it’s like the machine that we built now needs us as its components and instead of being the engineers we’re now the cogs, the belts, the fuel. We built this great engine only to have it crush our humanity for its needs. So many people are used to dressing like grown ups each day and going off to stare at the graphs, the spreadsheets, the reports that perpetuate the system that they’ve forgotten we have the choice to stop playing with these toys and start sharing.

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