Kenya: the new orange revolution

From an opendemocracy article by Peter Kimani, Kenyan journalist (link):

Kenya is tottering on the precipice as post-election violence rocks different parts of the country, in what the Nobel Peace laureate Wangari Maathai calls "ethnic cleansing." But were the pogroms prefigured by Kenya’s political elite long before the first ballot was cast? 

The New Year could be the start of a long annus horribilis for Kenya, which faces its most uncertain days in a generation. Already last week’s General Election, which saw President Mwai Kibaki officially re-elected as the head of the PNU (Party of National Unity), has triggered violence across the country that has claimed over 200 lives.

Among the casualties are 35 women and children burnt in a church in Eldoret, about four hours northwest of Nairobi, where they had sought refuge to escape election violence. Others who escaped the inferno were bludgeoned to death by warriors from the Kalenjin tribe.

William Ruto, a key figu

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