Kick Off

I heard Dr. Muhammad Yunus speak at the Microsoft World Partner Conference today and it finally inspired me to get this thing going. I’ve been thinking about it a long time now and I really want to invest the time in providing a small service for my friends and family while at the same time writing about things that I ponder on.

The basic principle for the future of this blog: you ask a question and I do my best to answer it by researching as widely as possible. Your question can really be about anything but I must say I will prefer to answer questions that have to do with the world’s current political or economical situation. Also, I will add my opinion on the matter (but will make it distinguishable from researched facts or opinions provided by others). I won’t promise to get it done in a particular time frame.

So that was it for a short introduction. My hands are frozen to the point of not being able to type because it seems that people in Houston can’t function except when being cooled down to 16 degrees or so… I have never been in a more air-conditioned city. I suspect they could feed a small country just by diverting the energy cost savings of turning the thermostat up 2 degrees in the convention center.

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