Kucinich Sells Out

Congressman Dennis Kucinich, after being strong-armed by President Obama during a private meeting, has announced he will vote for the current Democratic health care bill. After months of opposing the bill and only days after making television statements that he would not vote for the bill because it does not contain provisions for a pubic option, Congressman Kucinich reversed his position.


I can’t express how dismayed and saddened I am by this news. Kucinich has lost all credibility by caving into the giant health care and drug corporations.


This is a sad day in history. Congressman Kucinich has championed nationalized health care for many years but has suddenly changed his tune. This is the end of his political career. I can only hope someone runs against him in the primaries, and if not, could only hope that he is defeated during his next re-election campaign. The people have no power much beyond “throw the bums out” — vote them out of office.. I do hope he is thrown out because he has betrayed the people.

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