Laughing at More Evil Stuff



For god's sake, I'm drinking yogurt.  This is insane.  

I resisted that whole trend for so long.  It's yogurt.  We could have always drunk it.  We never did until one day and for no reason.  Now people walk around chugging yogurt.  I do it now too.  It took all kinds of cajoling from my wife, and I have no idea why the hell it was so important for her to see me do this.  It's supposedly good for you or something, whatever that means anymore.  

And of course, I love the taste of yogurt, I just love the stuff.  But I don't want to chug it from a bottle for some reason, it freaks me out.  So now I'm chugging yogurt at 1:19 A.M.  I'm simultaneously disgusted and thrilled.  I add to the moment by reminding myself that this came from a cow that has been pushed to the limits of science to create this dairy product with its last gasping breath.  Probably managed to squeeze out some pus from a distended, worn out udder that hasn't stopped making milk for 3 years.  I think I have to go puke.

Ok I'm a lot better.  I think I got a lot of it out so now I feel better.

I watched the second disc of Wonder Showzen today.  It only has 3 episodes, and the last one is completely insane.  In the first episode on the disc, a little girl with  a trench coat and microphone, on the beat for "Beat Kids", heads over to the Statue of Liberty to interview visitors.  One of her first acts at the island:  informing us that the Statue was given to the United States by the French in 1886 to commemorate the END of Liberty.

Alright maybe there's something wrong with me, but that's hilarious.  During a stock footage bit showing a chicken factory turning chickens into ... well, chicken, the kids narrate the action.  One kid, repeating an earlier motif from a previous episode, roars "I eat chicken because it gives me strength!  So I can yell at the workers!"  Another kid makes some comment about how the workers aren't even embarrassed of themselves for being workers.  The kids shout all kinds of capitalistic abuse throughout the show, in fact.  It might be perfect humor.

The second disc has "special features" or whatever that whole deal is called.  Some of them show the outtakes of working with the puppets and the kids, as well as the people on the street.  It's just more of everything.  A "StoryTime" segment hosted by Flava Flav is included, hilarious.  There's nothing more important than educating the youth.  Good thing we don't do THAT anymore!

The last episode on the disc, as I mentioned, is completely insane.  The shows, like classic Improv format, are based around a "word of the day" type title.  The last episode is titled "Patience".  The entire episode is a test of patience.  It isn't even all very funny.  Some of it is funny, hilarious, weird - some of it is like scraping your nails down a stucco wall.  And then they do it backwards.  Somehow, it ends up being brilliant.  Funny, horrifying, boring, irritating, and brilliant.  In about 22 minutes.  THAT'S efficient entertainment. I recommend this highly to anyone who is entertained by watching a puppet repurpose and sell cooties scabs as a delicious snack.  Hey, if the market will bear it...



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