Lewis “Scooter” Libby

For all of you denizens of the July 2003 outing of Valerie Plame Wilson via the syndicated columnist Robert Novak, it never hurts to keep an elementary truth of American politics in mind: Namely, that the political culture here is much less advanced than in places such as Africa, China, the Middle East, and Latin America, and that we shouldn’t expect more from it than it can deliver. Indeed. That the American political culture is so ruled by abject knaves—to the left as much as to the right, and certainly up and down—that one courts utter foolishness to expect too much from it in the way of critical self-reflection. Let alone action. And that the political culture here is so primitive and so dysfunctional for anything other than service to the Grand Imperial Project that both the sexual infidelity of a Democratic President and the second- and third-order perjury and obstruction activities of a Vice President’s Chief of Staff will always weigh far more in the scales of “justice” than the serial malfeasance and global criminality of the very same individuals and

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