“Liberals:” Do You Need the GOP Back in Power to Get Active?

Here is my response to a message I got earlier today on some recent ridiculous right-wing madness from Iowa’s ultra-reactionary Republican Congressman Mel King:

"Yeah, King is a scary-ass proto-fascistic nut-job like that crazy Michelle Bachtman kook up in MN. The Republicans are insane messianic miltiarists and misogynists and racists and so on. Christ, look at Sarah Palin. But here’s the thing: do we need the GOP back in power so that Iowa City- (and Ann Arbor- and Madison- and Blloomington, IN- and Hyde Park- and Upper West Side- and [you get the idea]) -style "progressives" can remember how to subject policymakers and politicians and other ruling elites/classes to critical scrutiny and resistance? So-called ‘liberals" are looking the other way when Empire’s New Clothes ("Wall Street Barry" Obama) does one thing after another that would really piss them off if a McCain-Palin adminsitration was doing it. 

Sorry, but there’s only so long I can keep clapping along as the liberal- left does one more critique of a GOP that I realized was dangerous and insane a long time ago (though Rachel Madow was hilarious mocking Palin in fishing waders last night on MSNBC). The Dems are the other and only slightly less enthusiastic party of Empire and Inequality, Inc.— actually on empire they may be MORE enthusiastiic. "

For a semi-recent summary of things that Obama gets far too much of a free pass on from "liberal left" Americans (along with some reflections on frankly pathetic liberal-progressive surrender) see http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/21576

On the Democrats: http://www.zcommunications.org/znet/viewArticle/21664

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