Liberian Election Chief Resigns, Urges Opposition to Take Part in Runoff

The former chairman of Liberia's National Elections Commission (NEC) says he hopes his resignation will encourage the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) to participate in the Novemeber 8th runoff election.
James Fromayan resigned Sunday amid accusations he was biased in favor of incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and after an NEC letter, which he signed, stated the CDC received the highest vote total instead of the ruling Unity Party.
Fromayan said he did not violate any Liberian law to warrant his resignation.
“But, as we approach the runoff election, the Congress for Democratic Change has made my resignation as a precondition for their participation in the electoral process.  So, since they feel that I am the problem, then I say fine, let me step down so that Mr. Tubman [CDC presidential candidate] and his people can join the runoff election,” he said.

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