Life’s Too Short

The Earth will eventually die when Sol transforms into a Red Giant.
Life on this planet thus will not continue for ever, so from the beginning to its end there is a totality of life that the Earth will ever know.
As far as we know, the life that exists on this planet is the only in the known universe, that life emerged at all was an amazing occurence, that life continues relies on a delicate balance of conditions and interlocking systems, any life that does appear in our world only has a finite amount (biologically) of time to enjoy itself on this planet before its unique and original form ceases to exist yet we cut short and consume this universe spanning uniqueness, we willfully reduce the totality of existence ever to inhabit Earth, everytime someone sits down to a plate of meat- a creature whose time, thoughts, feelings, originality upon the planet will never come again, whose very existence is awe inspiring and rare, is raised in fear, tortured, killed, disected and reduced to a menu item.
The totality of life is made smaller with every war waged, by unnecessary suffering and loss, by the pertuation of violent, oppressive and exploitative systems and behaviours.
Cosmically and relatively, life’s too short to make others shorter.

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