Links of the Week, 1 Feb 09


a) Bill Moyers sits down with two experts to talk about Obama’s options in Afghanistan and Pakistan and his current strategy–true to the Bush Doctrine–of bombing civilians in order to keep America safe. And the LA Times reports that Obama will not only continue but expand the extraordinary rendition program run by the CIA, though in framing Obama’s changes the article fails to mention the simultaneous expansion of the US prison in Bagram, or even the fact that Bagram–"the other Guantanamo"– and other detention centers will stay open, a glaring but not uncommon oversight.

b) France erupts in social protest, and The Independent asks questions about how far the European unrest will spread and what it might mean.

c) Amy Goodman digs deeper into the continued US policy of bombing civilians in Pakistan under Obama: Obama Continues Bush Policy of Deadly Air Strikes in Pakistan

d) How to save the NYTimes? According to one professor, subscribers could realistically buy out the newsroom; Also, Facebook announces an expansion of marketing by offering up more user information to corporations: "Giving consumer brands the chance to use such a wide audience to get a quick response to targeted questions would do away with, or at least reduce their reliance on, expensive and time-consuming focus groups."


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