Links on Soldier Resistance

GI and veteran resistance is growing and critical to the struggle against the illegal United States war on Iraq.  

Here is a list of links – it is not exhaustive – for a number of groups doing important work in this key area: 

Military Families Speak Out

Courage to Resist

GI Rights Hotline

Different Drummer

Citizen Soldier

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Gold Star Families for Peace

Veterans for Peace

Bring Them Home Now

Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors

Veterans Against the Iraq War - http://www.vaiw.org/vet/index.php

Democracy Rising

West Point Graduates Against the War

Jonah House

War Resisters Support Campaign

Center on Conscience and War


 Nuremburg Principles – soldier’s legal and moral duty to resist orders to commit war crimes.

I hope some readers (especially readers in the military) will find some of these links useful on the path to — and in the act of — resistance.

United States soldiers and veterans are resisting  the illegal, murderous war on Iraq. United States citizens can and should support GI refusal to carry out criminal orders resulting from all immoral and criminal U.S. wars and occupations.  

For what it's worth, this blog is significantly more activist-oriented from now own.  People interested in my analysis of what's wrong with U.S policy, politics, and society — and with dominant social and imperial hiearchies and ideologies —- can monitor the ZNet web site (I tend to do a piece there at least once a week), receive ZNet Sustainer Commentaries (I do one once a month) and follow my reflections in other places, including  Black Agenda Report, Dissident Voice and of course Z Magazine (print).  If you are inclined, you can read my books Empire and Inequality (Paradigm 2004) and Racial Oppression in the Global Metropolis (New York, 2007 – forthcoming). 

My efforts at critique will continue in other venues, but I am reserving the blog from now on for positive, action-oriented material related to the forward advance of resistance, organization and activism….for democratic citizen action against Empire and Inequality at home and abroad. 


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