Looking for friends at ZCom

“Looking for Friends at ZCom 

The first day that the previous upgrade of Znet went on line, I got a brief email advising me that some one wants to be my friend. Unaware of what this would be about, promptly I reply OK. As by miracle, Andy Lucker site’s logo, his name and Bio appeared in my Zspace, I try to contact Andy once or twice, but other than receiving his email address nothing else has happened since.

Confident that there must be a feature in the system where one easily can solicit the friendship of a Znet fellow, I opened my old Zspace last night, looking for the link, tab or whatever is to be use with that purpose, nothing of that sort was apparent.

What I found instead was another surprise, some how the wizardry inside of the system had made a liar of me, there were, not only my last one, but several of my previous written notes sporting the “blog” logo.

I remain not knowing or understanding what a blog is, I shall not worry about this any longer however.

Determined to keep on going with my “silly project”: find how more easy would be the use of the new ZCom features, when compared with the current ones, I decide to ask some one to become my friend, using the only thing I half have learned to do in the computer, which is, to send an email.

Spanno has suggested that we, utilizing the facilities provided by ZCom, could find Z users with interests affine to ours: language, geographic areas, topics etc. Well, if we are to become active members of our Z community and stop being plain users, as I have proposed, I better get over my inhibitions and try to befriend people that may sympathize with this idea.

I have been impressed by what Eva Gollinger has to say, especially regarding her beliefs for the Planners at Washington being already busy planning the next US military enterprise: total control of Latin America. The findings presented in her last Znet article are compelling and since I fancy myself sharing her passion for the Neo-Liberation of “Nuestra America”, it was natural for me to ask for her friendship.

I have no expectations about what she is to do with my email, if she is not interested the worse that can happen is that I loose my nerve and this will end being another one of my ideas biting the dust.

What I have in mind for now, is a group of friends organized in a “ virtual Journal like Club” where to discuss what we learn from reading publications in Web sites and other sources dealing with topics of interest to the group. Once (or if) some of us get “activated” and more direct actions are considered better ways to use our energy, the group will have to decide undertaking them or not. But if it’s not to be, OK, in my opinion, we can’t stand in a worse place than we are now.



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