Mahajan’s Addition

In his blog, linked from the ZNet blogs, Rahul Mahajan of Empire Notes writes:

In Chomsky’s latest post, he’s responding to someone advancing the standard humanitarian/liberation argument for the war on Iraq. At one point, he says

The invasion of Iraq brought two murderous regimes to an end: the sanctions regime, and the rule of Saddam Hussein.

Based on my observations when I was in Baghdad in January, and on some press reports since then, I think it’s misleading to say that the sanctions regime was ended.

It is true in a purely technical sense. There are no longer any legal restrictions on imports and huge amounts of consumer goods are flooding the markets of Iraq. In a more meaningful sense, however, the sanctions continue and have actually been substantially worsened.

Continues at http://www.empirenotes.org/index.html#27mar041

Mahajan’s comments are very pertinent and compelling, right on target.

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