Manifesto in Defense of Nicaragua

Transfer Notes:

Just when I had decided no longer upload stuff to my Zspace, this Manifesto in Defense of Nicaragua came to my email.

After 72 unsuccessful hours, trying to remember names and addresses of my friends in the Solidarity Movement of the 80th, I realize you, who share "the Spirit of Resistance" with me, may be also my friends.

The Manifesto and request by the staff of "tortilla con Sal", may be taken as siding with one of the parties, yet regardless of what party, in the issues of the Municipal Elections in Nicaragua this November, is right or is wrong, is the people as usual, who are suffering for the ambitions of politicians, and the old "Carrot and Stick" policies of the historical colonialist foreign powers.

Below is copy of the text of the Manifesto, do as your social consciousness dictate to each one of you.

Sandino’s ideals are still alive in old dreamers as me.


Friends and comrades

The Manifesto "IN DEFENCE OF NICARAGUA" is the initiative of a group of Nicaraguans and internationalists aiming to awaken the international conscience about what is happening in this Central American country, victim of a fierce campaign of harrassment and destabilization carried out by forces of the local oligarchy, financed and directed by the United States and the most powerful of the European governments.

If you agree with the Manifesto’s content and want to support it


send your name, town and country to this e-mail link.

If you want to support the Manifesto as an organization please help us by indicating its country and the town or city where it is located.

You can see the signatories to date here

Likewise, if you have time available to help Nicaragua, we request that you circulate the Manifesto to those who may want to support it. We want to close the signature process for January 10th 2009 when the Sandinista government will complete two years in office.We hope to build an international wall in defence of Nicaragua.

Thank you for your solidarity.

MANIFESTO : In Defence of Nicaragua

Most of Latin America is in the process of irreversible change

Its peoples have elected governments that have taken the path of independence, dignity and sovereignty to shake off foreign tutelage that has submerged the region for centuries in misery and repression by force of arms.

In November 2006, the Nicaraguan people elected the Sandinista Front for National Liberation (FSLN) to direct its destiny and from January 2007 the new government has taken up again the process of self-determination begun on July 19th 1979 which had been abandoned for 17 years by three neo-liberal, capitalist, anti-democratic, anti-nationalist governments.

Nicaragua has recovered its national dignity with a government independent of the imperial powers, one which again places the most impoverished at the centre of its development policies.

As part of this process, Nicaragua has joined the Bolivarian Alternative for the Americas (ALBA) and with the generous support of many peoples and governments, especially Cuba and Veenzuela, the Sandinista government has set up various programmes by means of which the Nicaraguan people have recovered a great deal of their social and economic rights, broadening the possibilities for socialist, democratic national progress.

But just as happened during the 1980s, when the United States launched its war of aggression against the Nicaraguan people and the Sandinista Popular Revolution, today Nicaragua has to face a ruthless campaign of lies and blackmail promoted from Washington and various European capitals, using the methods of information counter-insurgency, within a low intensity war, with the objective of blocking Nicaragua’s independent development under the leadership of the government of President Daniel Ortega.

This campaign has surged in recent months with the objective of discrediting the unquestionable and categorical electoral victory of the FSLN in the municipal elections of November 9th last, when Nicaraguans validated with their votes their support for the country’s new direction.

This campaign has reached the extreme of suspending development aid to the Nicaraguan people. It is unacceptable that the governments of developed countries should use as a political weapon for imperialist domination the money their own peoples assign to the most impoverished countries.

For all of these reasons, we free women and men who believe Another World is Possible, declare:

1. Our unconditional support for the right of the Nicaraguan people to self determination and national sovereignty, without foreign interference of any kind.

2. Our support for the independent, sovereign, popular, course taken by the FSLN government, led by President Daniel Ortega.

3. Our delight at the Sandinista victory in 105 out of 146 municipal authorities in this year’s municipal elections.

We reject and condemn:

1. Foreign interference in Nicaragua’s internal affairs.

2. The policy of blackmail used by the governments of the United States and the European Union.

3. The campaign of lies promoted by the international (dis)information corporations and multinationals.

We encourage:

1. All the world’s peoples, especially in North America and Europe, to renew their links of friendship with Nicaragua, pressuring their respective governments to increase the sums destined to eradicate poverty in Nicaragua and to oblige them to desist from interfering in the internal affairs of the Nicaraguan people.

2. Social communicators, especially in alternative communications media, to break the silence on the situation in Nicaragua and to actively inform in a truthful, independent way on what is really happening in Nicaragua and the Central American region.

3. The progressive and independent governments of Latin America and the world to show their unrestricted solidarity with the Nicaraguan people and its legitimate, democratically elected government.

December 19th 2008


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