Maoists Advise Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to Resign

Maoists Advise Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal to Resign

A Maoist senior leader has advised Madhav Kumar Nepal politely to resign from the current post of the prime minister of Nepal.


Mr. Mohan Baidya Pokharel alias Kiran addressing a journalist gathering in Kathmandu, Thursday July 2, 2009, claimed that the Madhav Kumar Nepal does not have the moral to lead the country any more.

“As he possesses no moral foundation in his persona, he must thus resign at the earliest”, said the Maoists senior leader.


Mr. Pokharel, considered to be a hardliner in the Maoists camp and the ideological mentor of Prachanda, also predicted that the life of the “puppet government” is a short-lived one.


“There remain just few days or weeks for the automatic fall of the government falls, the Prime Minister will have to resign soon on moral grounds”, he added.


Mr. Baidya was also of the opinion that since the government was a puppet one, the government during its tenure in office will not be able to solve problems facing the nation.


“We will lead the next government” said a beaming Baidya adding, “The party central committee will decide as to who will lead the government from the party”?


“Prachanda, Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, Krishna Bahadur Mahara, Dev Gurung or any one else, all are equally capable to lead the nation, the party could decide in anybody’s’ favour”, Mr. Baidya told.


To recall, Prachanda only the other day had declared that the party’s CC members seated in the upper echelons will not be in the ministries, if the Maoist happen to form the next government.

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