Message to Liberals; this is Corporate Welfare, Not Healthcare Reform

Dear Liberals (and your mush-minded disciples),

I have read and heard enough of you’re apologetics for this shitty corporate welfare disguised as healthcare reform bill that is now law (Obama will surely sign it and put on a show as if it is something it’s not).

First and most importantly: go fuck yourselves. You are a bunch of morons. Cheerleading this heist (for those stupid enough to believe it was reform) or playing apologia for it (for those who were not entirely stupid but so plagued with partisanship and the false notion that the Democrats are a working class political party that you could not help but lie to yourself) was a disgrace. Markos Moulitsas Zúñiga, you’re a little prick. Dennis Kucinich: backstabber.
Here are a few liberal talking points that need to be dealt with.
Liberal Talking Point #1: More than 30 million uninsured will be covered!
Covered in what? Medical bills? Copays? Prescriptions? Premiums that are continuing to rise in double-digits?
Where Medicaid is being expanded – marginally – will no doubt be helpful for the small percentage of those that narrowly fit into the category of a family of four living on 133% or less of the federal poverty level, but we didn’t need the rest of the stinking bill to achieve this!
Let’s take a second to remember why this “reform” was needed in the first place. We spend more than twice as much (per capita) as the rest of the developed world yet we are less healthy and nearly 50 million uninsured. But it was always more than that. What about those who are underinsured? What about those who have to file bankruptcy over their medical bills (over half of all bankruptcies were for this and over half of those HAVE insurance!)? What about those who have insurance and cannot afford to use it?
We will still have the high costs, the bankruptcies and tens of millions more “covered” by the rubble of debt.
P.S.: Another Facebook friend pointed out that the Medicaid benefit is arguable considering the program is also reliant on funding from the states which, as anyone familiar with state budget crises knows, currently has their heads in guillotines (read bankruptcy).
Liberal Talking Point #2: It will reduce the deficit.
I got a bridge for sell. You interested? While you are busy looking at the federal government’s budget I am looking at the private sector where my premiums, co-pays, prescription costs, etc., are. Earlier this month Bill Moyer had Dr. Marcia Angell on his show and she talked about the CBO report:
MARCIA ANGELL: Yes. They’re not looking at the cost to the system as a whole, to the larger system. They’re not looking at the private system. They’re simply looking at the federal budget as a budgetary item.

BILL MOYERS: Right. They look at the government–

MARCIA ANGELL: The government part of that. So if they can save money in Medicare, then they come out ahead, no matter what happens out in the private sector. And so that’s what he’s talking about. It will take money out of Medicare and put it into the private sector. Medicare is the source for a lot of the funds that are going to go to subsidize the private health insurance industry. So that’s the first thing. The second thing is the CBO has to build in assumptions. And those assumptions are arguable, to put it mildly.  

In other words, shifting public debt to private debt without taking into consideration the full extent of the private debt or the lack of mechanisms in place to keep it from getting out of control – which is already the case – is a snow job and you’ve got white shit all over your face.
Liberal Talking Point #3: Yeah, it’s not perfect but it’s a step forward and the Dem’s will come back later to fix it!
It’s not perfect and it is not a step forward. If anything, it’s a step backwards. The problem has always been private insurance and forcing us to buy the problem is NOT the solution.
Okay, so they can’t deny coverage or charge more for people with pre-existing conditions or who become ill – in theory. But they can raise the premiums. I bet my house that they will too.
And what makes you think the Democrats will come back to “fix” this? Seriously. From the get go the Democrats gladly brown-nosed the insurance and pharmaceutical companies while shunning single-payer activists. When Obama came into office who did he begin having secret talks with: health industry executives or single-payer activists? Who did Max Baucus have at his hearings: health industry folks or single-payer advocates? They wrote up a bill that is a tremendous gift to those who fund their campaigns (NOT single-payer advocates) and you think they will come back to undo it?
↑ That is me on my lollerskates racing past your naïve bastards…
P.S.: A Facebook friend reminded me of this point: if we already know it needs to be "fixed" before it passes then what does that say about the prospects of it being "fixed"?
Liberal Talking Point #4: We have to support Obama because if he loses this then we are in trouble in 2012.
We are already in trouble with the Democrats. What more do the Dems need to do before you accept that they are not who you think they are? They are a pro-capitalist, pro-war, pro-imperialist political party. They support the ruling class over the working class. You apologists also made excuses for Obama by saying, “It’s only been a year” yet you forget that in that year he has consistently betrayed the working class. From EFCA to Van Jones to the Cuban embargo to Gitmo to Afghanistan to Iraq to Healthcare to Copenhagen to Honduras and so on and so forth.
Furthermore, this thought process seems to exclude the possibility of a popular movement. As if our only option is to vote for one ruling class-approved candidate or the other.
Anyway, this is a major disappointment. We got a few years till this shit goes into effect and hopefully single-payer activists grow in numbers and keep pushing for real reform that will help the working class, not further burden it.

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