MyRepubilica.com: Interview Baburam Bhattarai

MyRepubilica.com: Interview Baburam Bhattarai

May 26


How do you justify your party’s advocacy for civilian supremacy when there are arguments that the government’s move to sack Katawal was not in line with constitutional norms?

Dr Baburam Bhattarai:

First of all, we have to see the government’s move in the backdrop of years of struggle for democracy in Nepal. So far as Constituent Assembly (CA), republic and civilian supremacy are concerned, these issues should have been raised by capitalist parties. But unfortunately, Maoists had to do this. The slogan for republic was first raised by the Maoists. In the beginning, all the parliamentary parties were opposed to it, though they finally supported us. Now, when we are raising the issue of civilian supremacy, the same political parties backed by other reactionary forces are protesting it. But we strongly believe that they will ultimately come to our position. It is the reality of Nepali society.

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