Nepal-Dahal meet: Maoist reject UML plea for support

The UML led 22-Party Coalition, that is in complete disarray over the issue of cabinet expansion, resulting from the ongoing fight for power booty between the Nepali Congress, Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum and the UML, was left with no option other than to plead support from the Maoists party. Pushpa Kamal Dahal, the Maoists party chairman told the PM Nepal point blank that to look for his support would be a mere cry in the wilderness. “We are facing great difficulties, we need your support”, PM Nepal told Mr. Dahal. Dahal in reply said, “First implement all those decisions made by the Maoist’s led government, including that of sacking of Nepal Army chief, Rukmangad Katawal”. “Tell President Dr. Yadav first to reverse his decision of reinstating Katawal”, Dahal continued, “You need not come here if you correct yourself first.” 

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