Nepal: Developing a Federal Structure

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Developing a Federal Structure

March 1 (Originally posted Feb 27) – We find mainly two models of the state structure implementing in the world: Unitary system and Federal system. Unified Maoist Leader and Minister of Law and Justice Dev Gurung says if the production-relation had developed in a capitalistic way, the ‘nationalities’ would have been merged and advanced ahead towards the ‘nation’. Therefore, to pave the way for nation building, the existing situation of nationalities should be addressed properly and scioentifically. They should be brought into a national unity by providing them the right of autonomy. Dev Gurung further says, “The nation remained ‘mono nationalities’ or ‘mono nation’, though the specialities of the country is still ‘multi-nationalities.’ The modality of federalism should provide autonomy on the base of nationalities. The re-structure of the state should be on the foundation of social unity created by the production-relation of the contemporary society in Nepal. … go to complete original article

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