Nepal: Gajurel on Tharu Situation

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C.P. Gajurel: "Maoist Party Never Took Tharu as Madhesis”

March 8 -Mr. C.P. Gajurel, the United Maoists’ Central Committee member rejected the idea that says that the indigenous Tharu Community too fell in the Madhesi category. The United Maoist party is the one that advocated first in favor of Ethnic Awareness but unfortunately it is turning communal and threatening the existence of the Nation- State, say experts.

“Our party never took the Tharu Community as Madhesis”, he clarified. Mr. Gajurel said, India has occupied Nepali lands in 58 different locations along the open border including Susta, Kalapani and Ilam, our party will soon launch a National Awareness Program against this continued Indian aggression”. Mr. Matrika Yadav, a Madesh and renegade leader however, believes that the Pahadiya Rulers of Nepal ( he Means Prachanda and Bhattarai ) are trying to create fissures between the indigenous Tharu community and the Madhesi community to create unrest in Terai. … go to complete original article

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