Nepal: History of Shaving

The news or article item below is part of my Nepal Revolution Reports, to be a series of postings from Kathamandu to my external blog Stefandav – Revolution of the Mind (this link will take you to the entries tagged Nepal + Maoism).

The photo here is from facebook friend Ben Peterson now in Nepal and is taken at a Maoist cantonment. He titles it "History of Shaving". The articles immediately below are a selection from March 26 wherein the primary issue at this point in time continues to be the struggle between the Maoists and reactionary forces over the forced retirement of NA generals:

Decision to Retire Army Generals, Nepal Govt Prerogative’

“The decision to Retire Eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals is the prerogative of the Government of Nepal”, the Ministry of Defense application filed at the Supreme Court on March 25, 2009 at the Supreme Court reads. The Defense Ministry had filed the application demanding the termination of the Stay-Order issued by the Supreme Court just a day ahead against the United Maoist-led government’s decision to force retirement of the Nepal Army Brigadier Generals. “The Government has forwarded the Clause 17-3 of the Nepal Army Act-2063 which allows the government to take such a decision”. “Thus the decision taken by the government is a legal one”, the defense Ministry application further reads. In the mean time, the Nepal Army Headquarters referring to the Stay Order notice by the Supreme Court has asked the retired generals to continue their work in office. … go to complete original article

Attack on Nepal Judiciary: NC Protest Maoist Highhandedness

“The Maoists play double, Prime Minister Dahal on the one hand commits himself to the democratic order and independence of the judiciary, but on the other, his erratic cadres protest against the Supreme court’s decision” said Dr. Ram Sharan Mahat, the NC leader, while commenting on the protest program of the United Maoist party against the Stay-Order notice issued by the Supreme Court against the government’s decision made to the force retirement of the Eight Nepal Army Brigadier Generals. “The filthy words and threatening remarks that were made by the Maoists leaders against the Supreme Court are highly objectionable and unacceptable, said Dr. Mahat adding, “The Maoists are pushing the country towards a dangerous point.” … go to complete original article

Maoists Wrath Against Nepal Judiciary

Ganesh Man Pun- the YCL President addressing the meet said that the Institution of Nepal Army was virtually running under the command of some invisible forces but it was not under the supervision of the Government of Nepal. “The Supreme Court’s decision is against the spirit of the Republican order, anti-national, thus the SC must retract the decision”, opined Mr. Pun. “The Supreme Court judge feared the possible wrath of the Nepal Army and thus made the decision in favor of the Army”, he added. “The Supreme Court has served the followers of former King Gyanendra”, said Pun adding, “Making the decision in favor of the reactionaries, the SC has proved that it was a feudal institution.” “The judiciary must come under the jurisdiction of the common people, if not, the Maoists are totally committed to run a parallel judiciary that will be under the peoples’ command”, Pun threatened. … go to complete original article


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