Nepal: Maoist Tactics on Government

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Telegraph Nepal : Nepali Congress is a disgraced party: Nepal FM

March 22 -"The UML in government does not want the government to execute people oriented programs and policies", blamed Dr. Bhattarai adding, "their New Delhi mentors have told them to hinder the government’s activities while being in the government". "King Gyanendra, NC president Koirala and the UML leader K.P. Sharma Oli had asked for New Delhi’s support to derail the Maoists’ government, however, they were instead advised by their masters to become a part of the government but while creating hindrances for the government". "The Nepali Congress is a disgraceful party, it does not know any thing else than criticizing others, however, it is of great surprise that the UML which is also in government is ridiculing the government’s decision", said Dr. Bhattarai referring to the fresh government’s decision to reject the NA proposal for prolonging the term of Nepal Army generals. "Our intention is clear, we would like to elevate qualified officers in the Nepal Army to hold higher posts" … go to complete original article

Refrain From Destabilizing Government: Nepal PM

March 21 – Nepal’s Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal has said that the cabinet will be expanded within a week time. "We will soon see new ministers and assistant ministers in our cabinet that will mostly represent the marginalized and dalit communities of the country", said Dahal addressing a program organized to celebrate "44th Stop Racial Discrimination" Day in Kathmandu, Saturday March 21, 2009. "We are totally committed to draft world’s best people’s constitution for Nepal, we will address all the demands raised by different communities and include them in the constitution", said the Prime Minister. Prime Minister Dahal also said that likelihood of the Nepali Congress party becoming a part of the government has also increased. "After my last meeting with the NC president Koirala, we are hopeful that the NC too will join the cabinet sooner than later", PM Added. … go to complete original article

Nepal Maoist PLA Men in Development Activities

March 20 – Prime Minister Mr. Pushpa Kamal Dahal has provided a clear nod to the Maoists’ PLA extreme desire to get involved in the development activities. The Maoists’ PLA are languishing in several cantonments across the country for over two years and a half."In the beginning, the PLA will involve itself in the development of Road Infrastructure mainly, in the vicinity of seven cantonments", reports say. "We are advising the government to use the youth power, they should not be kept in the captivity for long", he adds. "The Prime Minister has told us to forward a proposal with the total budget plan, we are currently involved in this", says Mr. Tej Bahadur Oli- the sixth division commander. "We would like to contribute in the nation-building process, we have also asked the Prime Minister to use the Nepal Army in the development activities in an effective manner, he has been very positive", Mr. Oli said talking to a vernacular daily. … go to complete original article

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