Nepal: PLA and NA Fusion

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Nepal: War for Peace « Revolution in South Asia

March 12 (Originally published March 8) – PLA will not be directly under the Unified CPN (Maoist) here after. Unified Maoist has a new responsibility to legalize and fuse PLA by bringing it under Army Integration Special Committee (AISC). He added, “PLA will be directly under the leadership of AISC. Theoretically, PLA is already under it. We will be connected for a long time contemplatively that is another thing. However, PLA will not be under unified CPN (Maoist) anymore, morally and theoretically.” Because of the changed situation, the changed role and the responsibility of PLA should be ready to guarantee the victory of struggle for peace. For that, premier Prachanda has stressed, “PLA should follow and implement the directives of AISC unconditionally.” There are many challenges in front of the Maoist-led government to write new constitution on time. Criminal elements and gangsters are trying to spread the communal violence all over the country. … go to complete original article

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