Nepal: PLA Continues Recruitment

Nepal: The PLA Continues Recruitment!

March 19 – Flouting Supreme Court’s interim order to stop its recruitment process, People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the military wing of the ruling Unified CPN (Maoist), has decided to go ahead with its earlier decision to fill up the position that had, according to it, become vacant after the verification team of United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) disqualified many of its combatants mostly because they were underage. A “General Staff” meeting of the PLA held in Kathmandu Saturday decided to go about the decision on the basis of the applications for “vacant positions” it received before the SC issued an interim order against PLA recruitment saying it goes against the Comprehensive Peace Accord. Likewise, both the government led by the Maoists and the Army Integration Special Committee (AISC) under whose jurisdiction the PLA comes have already ordered immediate halt to the PLA recruitment process. … go to complete original article

Nepal PM endorses Defense Ministry decision

March 19 – Government of Nepal is yet to formally reject the Nepal Army request made more than a month back, to prolong their terms of service by three years. The Maoists’ Prime Minister of Nepal had arrived at Koirala residence in Maharajgunj, Kathmandu, early hours, Thursday March 19, 2009. Sources reveal that the prime minister virtually snubbed Koirala for making irrelevant comments as regards the retirement of the Nepal Army Generals and also blamed him for trying to politicize the issue unnecesarily. Koirala has been instead blaming the Maoists for trying to demoralize the Army and also politicizing the institution. Other political parties, save the maoists, too have joined the Koirala’s stance over the issue of the army general retirement. “The decision taken by the Ministry of Defense will not be revoked come what may”, is what Prime Minister Dahal told point blank to Koirala. … go to complete original article

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