Nepal: Reintegration Woes Continue

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Restive Nepal Army Top-Hats Engaged in Serious Meeting

April 13 – “Neither defense Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa Badal nor the Defense secretary have been invited”, sources disclose.

“Traditionally, such a meeting would have seen the presence of Defense Minister and the Defense secretary”, source adds. The meeting prior to its conclusion on April 13, 2009 will discuss fresh attacks on the institution of army coming as it does from various political quarters including that of the government itself.

First, all six commanders will present their opinion on the present geo-political situation of the country followed by their views on fresh attacks on the institution of Nepal Army, later the Headquarter will sum up their views to devise immediate strategies for the Nepal Army”, the report adds. “The serious issue of concern will be to analyze the attack on Nepal Army by the government and to tell the government that the Nepal Army is a State organ not the enemy of the government”, report concludes. The source, however, remained tight lipped when asked as to where the final conclusion compiled by the National Army will be submitted? … go to complete original article

Nepal FM Bhattarai Challenges Supreme Court to Put Him Behind Bars

April 12 -Nepal’s Minister for Finance Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai in a threat loaded statement made against the Supreme Court of Nepal has challenged the apex-court to put him behind the bars if it has the courage. An enraged Dr. Bhattarai was criticizing the Supreme Court for seeking written explanation in the case of Contempt Of Court filed against six Maoists leaders. “We are ready to fight with anyone who dare go against our government”, declared Bhattarai. “If we can not criticize the system of judiciary then it is no democracy at all” Bhattarai said adding, “the judges must also be selected by the people.” Criticizing the UML said Dr. Bhattarai we are currently witnessing abnormal situation, those who are in the government are also trying their best to derail the government”. … go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists’ and Matrika Faction Direct Guns at Each Other

April 9 – Nepal Maoists’ and Matrika faction direct guns at each other The cadres of the restructured Maoists’ Party led by Matrika Yadav and the United Maoist Party led by Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal exchanged fires in the district of Morang Wednesday April 8, 2009, injuring more than twenty people in the near to a fierce battle event. This created panic in Biratnagar. “the United Maoist Party cadres who came in a Car had threatened a by-election candidate of Maoist Party (Matrika faction), the Maoist cadres in retaliation set ablaze the vehicle used by the other faction”. around mid-night the United Maoist party cadres came in a group and thus the situation got uncontrolled…both sides exchanged fires”, reports quoting local police source say. Bijay Kamat the by-election candidate of Maoist Party (Matrika faction), organizing a press-meet declared that 3 cadres were seriously injured and 15 other incurred minor bullet injuries. … go to complete original article

Growing Anarchy Due to Nepal Home Minister’s Inability: Gajurel

Chandra Prakash Gajurel- a senior Maoist party leader- has summarily blamed the incumbent Home Minister Bam Dev Gautam to have failed to provide adequate security which had resulted in the increasing anarchy in the country of late. “The confusion that prevails at the moment in the country is due to his sheer inability to arrest the growing anarchy in the country”, Gajurel stated. Minister Gautam represents the United Marxists-Leninists party in the government and perhaps it is for the first time that some high ranking Maoist leader has taken him to task. Except for Minister Gautam, the rest of his colleagues in the party-the UML-have made it a point to deride at the Maoists day in day out. Generally speaking, analysts presume, Minister Gautam’s political allegiance remains divided: the first half goes to the party he represents and the other half to the government which has elevated Mr. Gautam to present day rank. … go to complete original article

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