Nepal: Revolutionary Land Reform

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Revolutionary Land Reform: Essence and Aim « Revolution in South Asia

March 12 (Originally published March 7) – Krishna Das Shrestha – As said above, to abolish feudal land ownership is the foremost and primary task to be done in the economic sector, whether land reform program is revolutionary or not must be judged on the basis of the commission’s policy towards the task and of its manner of implementing the policy. The main policy of the revolutionary land reform is “land to the tillers”. Therefore, the reform program must be guided by the real sense and spirit of that principle. A truly revolutionary program must set itself to accomplish the following tasks: •The confiscation of land property of the feudal lords without compensation and the transfer it to the tillers and poor peasants. •The abolition of debt taken by the peasants from the landlords, usurers, banks etc. •The emancipation of the peasants from all kinds of feudal exploitation and expression. •Gratis distribution of cultivable follow land to the landless and poor peasants. … go to complete original article

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