Nepal: Supreme Court In Dangerous Game

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‘Army, Judiciary pose serious threat to Republican Order’

March 29 – Finance Minister Baburam Bhattarai: "..most of the State Organs have since then adopted to the democratic principles but yet the Army and the Judiciary have yet to accept.. changes taking place in the country”.. particularly concerned over the fresh Supreme Court’s decision to halt the retirement of the Nepal Army Generals. “Most of the supreme court judges were appointed by the former king and the decision they made are in favor of those corrupt Nepal Army Generals who had objected to the Republic declaration.. “The Eight Generals are royalists, thus it is not needed to extend their tenure in office” The recent Stay Order served by the Apex Court does not in any way mean the Generals have been told to occupy their former posts. Stay Order means that the particular case is kept on hold until another verdict. Dr. Bhattarai perhaps should understand the language of the Court. But the Army head quarters, as per Dr. Bhattarai’s claim, has already asked the retired generals to occupy their respective posts. … go to complete original article

Bhattarai: On a Legal System That Backs Reactionary Generals

March 30 – Bhattarai: On a Legal System That Backs Reactionary Generals Posted by n3wday on March 29, 2009 Baburam_Bhattarai_UCPN_Maoist_NepalThis article was posted on Democracy and Class Struggle. Senior leader of the Unified CPN (Maoist) and Finance Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai has warned failure to democratise judiciary and the army could jeopardize the republic set up of Nepal. Speaking at a programme organised by his party in Parvat Saturday, Bhattarai said many senior army officials still have a soft corner for monarchy. We tried to relieve unscrupulous royalist generals, but they got themselves reinstated by taking the judiciary in their hands, Annapurna Post quoted him as saying. The judiciary is rolling back all our decisions, which shows there is politics involved even in Judiciary, Bhattarai added. There is nobody above the people in democracy. Army and judiciary should be democratised so that people have control over them, he said. … go to complete original article

Nepal Maoists To Revolt If Pushed To Wall: FM Bhattarai

March 30 – Dr. Babu Ram Bhattarai, the Minister for Finance..“The UML that sans ideological theories has become now impotent”.. making a threatening remark also said that if the Maoists’ party is forced out of the government, the Maoists will not have any option left than to halt the peace process and take on the path of yet another revolt. “The UML is trying to use the Butwal episode as a vendetta against our party, if the UML quits the government, will force us to wage yet another revolt”… said that a baseless party with no public support does not deserve to lead so many ministries including the ministry of home affairs. “Restructuring of the judicial system is the most important part of institutionalizing the newly found republican order” Bhattarai said adding, “The republican order will continue to face threats from judiciary if not restructured” “The government will immediately forward a proposal in the constituent assembly to restructure the judicial system”, informed Dr. Bhattarai. … go to complete original article

Nepal Awaits Dictatorial Regime: Koirala

March 31 – The Nepali Congress President Mr. Girija Prasad Koirala has said that a nouveau dictatorial regime was already in the offing for this new republican State. “The Maoists’ led government is already in the course of imposing a dictatorial rule in the country”, said Koirala talking to journalists in Kathmandu. “The fresh Maoist attack on the system of Judiciary and the Nepal Army does tell that they are proceeding towards a dictatorial rule”. Koirala urging the journalists to stop the prevailing anarchy said, “If you do not stop the anarchy, then the country will soon be declared a failed one.” Responding to a query Koirala added, “All the democratic minded political parties must form a democratic front to challenge the Maoists’ dictatorship, but I still do not see the need for forming a broader democratic alliance.” … go to complete original article

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