Nepal: Tharu People’s Demands

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Address Tharu demands: Nepal’s political actors

March 8 – With the Tharu uprising taking on a violent turn after the death of two innocent civilians and a police official on Friday March 6, 2009, Nepal’s political actors have begun making statements in favor of the Tharu Community. Minister Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar, though, a member of the indigenous Tharu community, who has time and again made confusing statements, sometime in favor of the Tharu community and sometime against them… Mr. Mahanta Thakur the president of Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party too has slightly toned-down his pro-Madhesi demands and asked the government to address the Tharu demands.. Mr. C.P. Gajurel, the United Maoists’ Central Committee member rejected the idea that says that the indigenous Tharu Community too fell in the Madhesi category.. Matrika Yadav, a Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) leader.. [says] Prachanda led government of Nepal [and] .. Pahadiya Rulers [are] trying to divide the population.

Mr. Matrika Yadav, a Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) leader however, believes that the Pahadiya Rulers of Nepal are trying to create fissures between the indigenous Tharu community and the Madhesi community to create unrest in Tarai. "The Prachanda led government of Nepal is trying to divide the population first and rule in an absolute manner”, said Mr. Yadav talking to the pressmen in Rautahat on Friday, March 6, 2009. “Even if Nepal gets the new constitution, it will be just in favor of Khas (Chhetri and Brahmins) Community”, Mr. Yadav predicted. “The pro-Madhesi parties want to occupy power and exploit the Madhesis themselves”, Mr. Yadav also said. … go to complete original article

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