New pages comparing Capitalism and Parecon

I am busy creating a "site" within ZNet and the Parecon site that is about comparing capitalism and participatory economics. It means to be succinct, aesthetically appealing, and provocative to further investigation. I could use help.

As a work in process the new site is not really yet public. The link is Comparison Site

If you take a look, you will see that it is very incomplete. So far I am writing the content for the various parts, all too quickly, between other tasks. My hope is that others will propose improvements or will get to parts before I do. One thing that would certainly help a lot is evidence — you know, stats, etc., and perhaps also links to include for further reference. I don’t want it to grow overly long, however. The idea is people should be able to read any particular discussion quite easily and quickly. You can send any proposed alterations or any original text to me directly ([email protected]).

If you don’t like a graphic and want to propose one to take its place, send a url for that, too.

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