Next Anarchist Gain

In my continuing quest to get a grip on Basic Income (Grants, Guarantees, Payments..) I chased down the Japanese magazine that had a special feature last year. The publisher looks pretty interesting, even anarchist. The first book featured on their page is interviews with David Graeber, author of the invigorating _Fragments of an Anarchist Antrhopology_. Anybody read that?

I keep thinking of the union bumper sticker "From the People that brought you the eight hour workday’ and that was the haymarket martyrs of Chicago. Anarchist organizers that were strung up for their efforts giving us Mayday which is pretty much forgotten in the States unless some immigrants put on a march. (Chomsky article/interview) Maybe the Japanese anarchist tradition is about to bring us a Basic Income. They put out a magazine with it one year, it works it’s way into a publication with broader reach featuring a lot of the same people…. Pretty exciting stuff. I should run out and see how the policy is covered in a glossy outdoor simple life magazine ‘yes I notice the contradiction too, Earth Island Journal was interesting that way. Haven’t seen it in years but they’re magazine was all natural inks and kenaf…)

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