Note to Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers: Do Your Damn Constitutional Jobs


Listen up Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers: were talking to you. It’s already – I said already – past time to stop the doh-see-doh square dancing with the War Criminal in Chief.  It’s time to start the rocking and rolling.  We want to see some president removing. And Cheney too.  

Look the Liar in Chief in the eyes. Take your right index finger and point it down to the ground above from just a little over and to the side of your head and repeat after me: “it’s on. It’s on, George. We’re coming.”   

Screw this lunching with royal brute thing. It’s times to Do the Right Thing. You know it We know it.  And we know you know we know it: the motherfucker belongs behind bars. Hell, he knows it himself: how come he’s buying all this land in Paraguay?  And Cheney too.    

Nancy Pelosi and John Conyers, you need to save your legacies and move to impeach the mass-murderous son of a bitch who is sitting in illegal impunity in that oval office. You need to try and convict and remove that worthless, incompetent, and authoritarian, hyper-plutocratic, proto-fascist messianic militarist over at 1600 Pennsylvania. .He and his handlers are the Shame of the Nation and a Danger to all Humankind.   

We’ve got the goods on him – the illegal wiretapping (which violated the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act), the illegal torturing (which violated the War Crimes Act of 1996 and the Geneva Conventions), the ”fixed-in advance of the policy” (to quote the Downing Street Memo) war-justifying “intelligence” (which was “cooked to order” not “bad” and violated a key federal statute that forbids materially false statements by federal officials), the failure to adequately protect his own GIs in occupied Iraq (which violates his oath of office) and more – and now you’ve got the duty.   Please read the Constitution (especially Article II, section 4) again if you have to, study your history, look at the Bush record, consult the polls, take a look in the mirror, search what’s left (after years in Washington DC) of your souls and get ready to do your damn jobs.  Starting next January, you need to begin the process.  It’s time to remove the bastard. And Cheney too.  

Yes, you are going to have to eat your words.  You said it was “off the table.” Nope. Put it back, Nancy.  Put it back, John.  Sorry, but we’ll burn this place down.  I’ve been talking to a few million fellow Americans and we all agree that this “impeachment is off the table” line is the weakest shit we’ve ever heard…well the weakest shit since half of you  “democrats” authorized Bush to attack Iraq and signed the Patriot Act and….fill in the blank (you’ve got a lot of making up to do).  

So here’s the deal: We’re going to give you another chance.  Eat those words and come to your senses before it’s too late.  .  

Gang-banger Bush is daring you to do your damn jobs.  He’s giving you the old raised middle finger.  It’s hard to miss. He’s sitting up today in front a bunch of damn NATO commissioners in freaking Latvia – I said LATVIA, people – talking about how  there’s not going to be any troop removal from Iraq on his watch.  The royal bastard with his 30 percent approval rating and his recent mid-term humiliation and his idiot brain and his sense of messianic mission is up over there in freaking Latvia talking this shit in TOTAL DEFIANCE of the expressed will of the American people, the expressed will of the Iraqi people, and the expressed will of the politically and morally cognizant human race.    

And guess what: he’s blaming al Qaeda for all the mess over there…the mess he amd Cheney and Rumbo and Wolfowitz (remember him?)  created and which numerous people and institutions (both inside and outside of government and foreign policy establishment) told them they were going to create.  Yes, he’s still trying to wrap Iraq into al Qaeda and 9/11….after everything that’s happened and after the American people have rejected the association. Did you hear where he actually had the asinine audacity to sit up there and tell IRAN it shouldn’t intervene in Iraq unless it could do so "in a constructive way.” The illegal, unjust, unnecessary, and mass-murderous war he criminally LIED us into Iraq is so constructive it has killed 700,000 Iraqis and is closing in on 3,000 U.S. GIs.   

How’s that bipartisan legislative agenda going? What’s it like working across party lines with those war criminals? What’s the matter, Madam Speaker Elect, don’t you want to be the president?  Hello? Can you hear us?  Is anybody there?  

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