Observations and Opinions


Several things here: first, this just goes to show that when any media is condensed into corporate giant(s) every action has giant consequences; second, note that even though this is packaged as a ‘gay’ blacklist the company admits it is of a much wider subject list, of the mostly self-empowering ones and that of challenging reigning orthodoxy; third, the impact on cultural/social space of the commoditization of information says if everything is for sale and controllable within the marketplace then nothing has any inherent meaning in its own right, nor is there any such thing as human rights or human dignity; and fourth, this type of censorship is far more serious than the outright attempt to ban books, it ducks legal issues and the attending media spotlight such fights produce. 

It is the strongest and best weapon available for those who wish to control how you should think about a subject by quashing any debate, internal or otherwise on such subjects. The centralization of any media industry allows control of public debates, narrows the range of how or even what to think about, and ultimately destroys personal human progress. It keeps free thinkers marginalized and allows the forces of authoritarianism and greed to proceed unchallenged.  It continues the destruction of a public sphere of influence that should be separate from and superior to mere commerce.  


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