Occupation 101 for Westerners

It’s a common problem in the world mainstream media. They search for the craziest Arab they can find and put him on air with the most violent, religious sound bite. Unfortunately for Arabs, many of their leaders are these people.

Sufyan Omeish and Abdallah Omeish understand this problem and in 2006 created the film Occupation 101. This film is directed at westerners. Almost all speakers are American,  and the Palestinians are of the variety that you will never see on CNN- they look like you and me. They could be your brother, your sisters, your mothers and your babies.

Thanks to Youtube, all us media pirates can educate ourselves. Occupation 101 is not just a history lesson. It is a striking meeting with the "other". Most of you will never get this opportunity, so I bring it to you.

My fellow Westerners; Meet the Palestinians:










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