Ode to the 99-Weekers, or Unemployment Blues

The word corrupt is too kind for Congress. By now, it should be obvious that both parties are totally sold out to the rich bankers, healthcare corporations, pharmaceutical companies, and Big Oil. The biggest enemies of the state are the people themselves. We, the people, are superfluous mouths who get in the way of progress. If you don’t have a job, go where your jobs have been sent during the past twenty years—to Mexico or Bangladesh, for example—where you can work for maybe 50 cents per hour. You unemployed people just don’t understand the modern miracle of the free market. You should be thankful; look at how well the Walton’s and Gates’ are doing. Try harder. Lots of jobs to be had in Ecuador or China—try south China where my laptop computer was made. Just think, you could be in an assembly plant that might have been in Peoria, Illinois, but was constructed instead in south China. There, you can work. Lots of jobs. Think outside the USA box. If you’re not a banker on Wall Street making $10 million per year, think of the opportunities to travel abroad! See the world! Maybe join the army and get your ass shot in Afghanistan. Be creative. Don’t expect the US government to bail you out. Bail-outs are only for those people who are really important. You’re nobody, so you get nothing.

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