Off to the UK

Just a brief note – I am leaving shortly for the UK for a two week speaking trip. It has been set up by the IOPS folks there – with great care and remarkable attention to detail! I hope I can keep pace!

While gone I am unlikely to be online remotely as much as normal – so may be a little slow responding to comments, etc. Apologies.

For those in the UK who may be interested – here is the itinerary I have – and there is an extensive site for the tour to look at as well… http://www.ppsuk.org.uk/matour/


oct-20.png Wed 12:00

oct-20.png Wed 19:00

oct-21.png Thur 16:00

oct-21.png Thur 19:00

oct-22.png Fri 19:00

oct-23.png Sat 12:00

oct-23.png Sat 15:00

oct-23.png Sat 19:30

oct-24.png Sun 16:00

oct-25.png Mon 12:00

oct-26.png Tue 19:00

oct-27.png Wed 16:00

oct-27.png Wed 19:30

oct-28.png Thur 19:30

oct-28.png Thur 16:00

oct-29.png Fri 13:00

oct-29.png Fri 17:30

oct-30.png Sat 13.45

oct-31.png Sun 18:00

nov-1.png Mon 13:00

nov-1.png Mon 15:00

nov-1.png Mon 18:00


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